Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Riccò, Cobras Never Bite Themselves

Last November CyclingNews did an interview with "The Cobra" as he made his way back into Pro cycling after a 20 month ban for doping - a ban that disgraced not only himself but tarnished most of the climbing stages in the 2008 Tour de France. In the article Riccardo Riccò: "The Cobra is dead" he was quoted:

“I’m no longer aggressive like I used to be,” Riccò told Cyclingnews on Thursday. “Once upon a time it would have bothered me if the Italian papers talked more about [Ivan] Basso, [Vincenzo] Nibali and [Michele] Scarponi than me, but not any more. The phoney wars don’t interest me any more. I’ve calmed down a lot. I’m tranquillo now.”

He then announced with a chuckle: “The Cobra is dead! You don’t believe me? It’s true…”

Maybe we weren't listening, was Riccò telling us more than we knew.

Something stunk when watching Riccò, maybe I just have issues with people giving themselves their own nickname.

That was November, last year, so we were waiting. Apparently Riccò has this time bit himself, a self-inflicted wound that may, and should, spell his cycling doom.

Italian police investigate Riccò for blood doping

Maybe Riccò can use that bit of prison time and life-time ban from cycling (if convicted - it's his second offense) to study up on his natural history - he'll find cobras are elegant silent reptiles, that only strike when forced and never ever bite themselves.