Friday, February 26, 2010

More Beer - Less Racing.... hmmmm?

Well that's my friend Alex's solution to my current health calamities. Not against the more beer idea, just would like to also get the new season started... not exactly my dream start with the new team (not that they need me, the Echelon boys did some serious butt kicking in the Jack Frost TT on Sunday morning - while Hammer and I were winning the tandem division).

No racing for the next two weeks - actually no strenuous exercise - nothing that taxes the lungs. Looking outside at the cold rain - yes, this is the real February in the Pacific NW - maybe a good time to miss the Banana Belt opener.

Spent the day Wednesday in the pulmonary clinic with a range of tests, several to eliminate the possibility of blood clot around the lungs... looks like I'm okay there. Apparently all we know at the moment is a small amount of bloody-fluid in the lining of the outer lung wall (pleurisy) and a touch of pneumonia has started, so course of antibiotics, enough ibuprofen to choke a horse (control the inflammation), plus pain killers every night so I can sleep - which I haven't done well for much of the past week.

No workout sessions the next week either - until new chest x-rays.

Oh well - this too shall pass.

In the mean time I'll get back to research and writing on the new book about the Tour's Lanterne Rouge and work on editing those India bicycle/tricycle photos I promised to post.

Thanks everyone who has written - appreciate the well wishes!!

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