Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Cycle Chic" - Summer's here

Summer - maybe today it kicked open the door and firmly planted a foot in Portland - Yeah! We hope! With it comes a wave of bike folks enjoying this place we love - first-timers, commuters, Sunday Parkways families, Bridge-Peddalers, Pedalpaloozers, a host of summer Centuries and the STP invasion. But what really excites me and gives me hope that we may someday replace our auto-mentality inner city with a people friendly culture (and god forbid that concept pedaled into the burbs) is the "Cycle Chic" phenomena - everyday people wearing everyday clothes, doing everyday things. As movement inspiration photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen says in the video post below, Cycle Chic "hit a nerve... ya know, I didn't invent cycle chic, it's as old as the bicycle as we know it, 120 years"

Picked this up over on a website (thanks to Jenn) called - some fun bike/livable street culture stuff waiting over there to be explored - take a spin.

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