Friday, October 23, 2009

The Bike - a democratic tool that has liberated the people

Yes, that's right, bikes aren't just for racing, rondonneuring, slopping about in the mud, and tearing through the forest. In fact, their original purpose was to democratize society, level the playing field of transportation between the rich and poor (remember in the 1800's horses cost heaps to own and maintain, plus there was all the poop on the streets to clean up) and to be the ultimate modern tool: one that would liberated women (and their dress), erode racial barriers (thank you Major Taylor) and offer everyday kids and adults freedom and healthy exercise.

Oregon (Bike) Manifest Reception and Discussion:
October 29th, Thursday @6:30PM

Join Danish photographer of the “Dreams on Wheels” exhibit and film maker, Mikael Colville-Andersen, will be joined by Portland City Mayor Sam Adams and Jeff Mapes (author of Pedaling Revolution and Senior political reporter for the Oregonian) for a panel discussion on progressing the bicycle movement.

From the website:

"Colville-Andersen’s talk will explore Copenhagen’s journey toward establishing the bicycle as a feasible, acceptable form of transport, as well as touch on the importance of marketing bicycle culture to the average citizen.

He explains how the 500,000 people on bicycles each day in Copenhagen are not “cyclists,” nor are they “environmentalists;” they merely choose to ride because of an existing safe, quick infrastructure. 30 years of traffic and urban planning have transitioned the bicycle from an instrument of sporting equipment to a democratic tool that has liberated the people of Copenhagen from cars, and created the foundation for one of the world’s most liveable cities."

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