Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Portland Cyclists - share your voice - please!

Portland officials want citizens to provide feedback on a new bicycle plan that would shape riding issues for the next 20 years.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has asked for public input on a draft of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. The bureau will hold an Oct. 27 hearing on the plan. Portland’s City Council will hold another hearing on the plan on Jan. 20, 2010.

Portland adopted its first bicycle master plan in 1996. Since then, the bicycle network has doubled to more than 300 miles.

The Public Comment Draft of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 is available for review at: http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/BicycleMasterPlan. Comments are due by Nov. 8.

Steve Hoyt-McBeth with the City Office of Transportation: "One of the things that we're looking at with the bike master plan, is trying to not fight over crumbs among the different types of strategies but try to broaden the number of strategies to get more people on bicycling."

Only 1.5 percent of the city transportation budget goes to biking – which might sound low considering the city’s calculation that 18 percent of the Portlanders use bikes as their primary or secondary mode of transportation.

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