Monday, March 15, 2010

Echelon - part of a team

The Banana series concluded yesterday under another Sunday of sunny skies, it's amazing what a year makes. Last season everything fell out of the sky except some space junk, you name it - ice, rain, snow, a hint of sun, wind, we had it all, enough in fact to postpone one weekend. This year three straight sunny Sundays; the only part that sucked was not riding any of it; the best part, being part of the team that dominated much of the racing. Dominating was especially true this past Sunday as the Echelon boys scooped up 5 of the top 6 places.

Masters 40+ 123
 Pl    Num   Last Name     First Name     Team                                            
1 145 Slater Matthew Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM
3 715 Browning Scott Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM
4 129 Dunn Michael Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM
5 162 Hagen Karsten Echelon Granfondo/ZteaM
6 175 Zimbelman David Echelon/Salmon Cyclery

To quote Dave Zimbelman assessment of the team's effort, "it was really cool to see the team talk about a race plan and then execute it perfectly; congrats to matt, mike, and scott for making the early break stick so well and karsten for saving his adrenaline-fueled legs for the last lap effort; i haven't seen a team work that perfectly since being on the short-end of the 7-11 juggernaut in innumerable races in the 1980's. guys rock."

Something interesting about being part of a team - we feel a part of it even if it's only on paper, or online - the excitement and success come through on Monday morning even if the legs and lungs weren't there Sunday. This new Echelon team is a great group of guys - exactly the focus, commitment and camaraderie I had been seeking when asked to join. Even off the bikes as emails fly there is a true sense of belonging - and I thank all of you, listed above, and others, who have sent me emails about getting healthy and back out on the road. It's great to have that support off the road as well.

Did finally get back on the road this weekend - rolled out 2.5 hours worth in the West Hills, even an easy climb up McNamee - can't even explain the joy of turning the bike onto the base of that climb and spending the next four miles pedaling up, up, up - sheer joy! Thanks TT for your patience - and indulging the ridiculous smile that was smeared across my face.

Hopefully no more setbacks of a serious nature - from here it's get in some saddle time and rebuild a base - and then get out and help the team.

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