Thursday, May 20, 2010

LANDIS DOPED!.... and in other news...

If it isn't location, location, location, it's gotta be "timing, timing, timing", and Mr. Landis, you seem to have a history of neither.

You might have heard it, a far off poof? It was that small noise that might have registered on your audio Richter scale somewhere between the toaster popping up and the toilet flushing. Today Landis, via an ESPN interview, and The Wall Street Journal released a bombshell on the world - sit down for this - He doped!!! Unfortunately that small poof (the doping part) is growing into an atomic blast with an ugly mushroom cloud.

He also accused American riders Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Dave Zabriskie and Armstrong's longtime coach, Johan Bruyneel, and half the current peloton of involvement in doping. Well, Mr Landis, let me help you out, here is a link to every rider who has ever ridden the Tour de France - most of them have used dope as well - and much of it well documented - - go ahead, release all their names.

But Mr. Landis, this sucks, you lied, lied, lied, and now you want us to believe this? You asked for our money in support of your defense and you asked for our money to buy your book. Do we really think we don't think cyclists - yes, Lance Armstrong included - use(d) drugs? The truth is LA probably ingested (intravenously) more EPO than most - he had cancer! But he also came to the pros during the most elusive drug period, the early 1990's; EPO use before anyone knew how to test for it. And who is his longtime DS? Who also was a top pro during that period? Yes, Johan Bruyneel was a top pro, 4th in the Tour de France counts. But confessing now and saying your going to help others, you are going to help clean up the sport? By being a snitch? No, helping the sport of cycling is what David Millar and Jonathan Walters are trying to do. Did they dope? Hmmmm? They were cycling products of the '90s weren't they? (see
Garmin’s Jonathan Vaughters on Floyd Landis allegations: We will win the Tour of California and win it clean)

Guilt isn't any longer an issue - we have (or should have) all pulled our collective heads out of the sand - it's about timing and actions. Landis' timing is perfect - if you want to screw the world that I think screwed me so under the deadline, in the middle of two big Tours, send this test balloon aloft and see how many other people's lives you can screw up when it bursts.

So is he a whistle blower or snitch - neither, he's a desperately sad person. One who need some anger management therapy. Hurting people isn't redemption. There is an old saying, "Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past". Mr Landis, your past is what it is, time to move into a better future. Unfortunately you may have just screwed that up as well.

My favorite quote of the day (so far), "He lied to his Menonite mother. I think he even swore to her on the Bible. These guys are definitely wired different."

Yes, some people are "wired different". I was hoping Landis was, but not like this. In a recent conversation with cycling journalist Samuel Abt, he said, he lost all respect for Floyd Landis when Floyd made public the very private conversation Greg LeMond had on the eve of Landis doping trial. Respect, ultimately we really don't care about your record or your doping, but we do want to have respect in those we admire.

According to the article Landis says he is speaking out now partly because World Anti-Doping Agency's statute of limitations for doping offenses of eight years meant his evidence would shortly become unusable. Sorry Landis, but YOUR lack of honesty and credibility have made your evidence unusable.

That show of defiance and will on Stage 17 in 2006 was awesome - and no amount of lying, doping, or stupidity will erase that. That is why a photo of you breaking away on that stage hangs on the wall next to my trainer for inspiration. It will forever be one of the greatest single stages of Le Tour de France. Sadly, it has had a giant storm cloud gathering over it. It won't rest in our memories of great racing, because you would not let it rest. For you I am so terribly sad. You have lost all credibility. For you, as a human being, I have lost all respect.

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