Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ride of Silence

Posting this as a favor to Brian Echerer:


I am helping organize the 2010 Portland Ride of Silence. I would guess most
of you know
what this ride is about, if not here is the link:
In my opinion it is becoming the best way we can bring the awareness needed to the
issues at hand. The ride takes place Wed May 19th and tires roll at 7:00 PM starting
at Holladay Park, NE 11th & Holladay. There will also be a Beaverton ride at the same
time. Come early to hear the speakers that we are beginning to line up.
You can also look it up on Facebook and join the cause there:

Please help spread the word on this and come support your local ROS.

The ride began as a memorial for one cyclist in 2003, and has quickly grown to a
worldwide event in over three hundred towns and cities. Chris Phelan of Dallas,
Texas organized the first ride when his friend, endurance cyclist Larry Schwartz,
was struck and killed by the mirror on an overtaking bus. That first ride drew more
than a thousand cyclists through word of mouth and email communication over
a period of only ten days. There was no registration and no fees. Local media
reported the ride to be incredibly moving as these cyclists rode in silence,
occasionally wiping away a tear or patting a friend on the back.

It is important to note that the Ride of Silence is not a "Critical Mass"-style
ride. It is not a protest, but more in the nature of a memorial procession to
remember cyclists who have been killed or injured on the roads. The
primary purpose of the Ride is to create awareness among the public
that cyclists have a rightful place on the roads, and that motorists need
to be attentive to the risks they pose to more vulnerable road users.

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