Monday, September 28, 2009

George Handicap-ie

I was following the local blog postings this afternoon and I spotted this over on Pat Malach's Oregon Cycling Action (worth checking his site and photos anytime, especially for the local Portland/NW cycling scene), from a Bob Roll Tweet he posted the below. I couldn't believe my eyes - so I checked Bobke's twitter - yip, it was there.

I respect Bob for some things: his early pioneering of the largely unsupported American pro cycling effort in Europe back in the 1980's and the early 90's with 7 Eleven, his willingness to take the "mickey" out of himself, and his writings on cycling when he has time to be reflective -- Tweets are obviously not reflective enough. Bob what the F@#% are you babbling on about?!

Just a few Tweets below it you say "levi's SOLD OUT gran fondo right around the corner, don't let me see you on that ride without your Road I.D.!!! :)" I bet Levi would say, don't let me see you on that ride without a helmet - even IF you name is George Hincapie. Better yet, from your own Tweet of Aug 25th - "does anybody ride without a helmet at this point? i feel the same way about my Road I.D. Don't leave home without it!

Give me a frigg'n break, Bob, I guess you think it's a grand idea to have yourself I.D.'d when they scrape your brain off the pavement. Didn't Saul Raisin's crash teach us anything?
Didn't the tragic death of 29 year old Kazakh climber Andrei Kivilev, who died as a result of head injuries sustained during a crash in the second stage of 2003's Paris-Nice (NO HELMET!) teach the entire Pro Peloton something? Why do you think we have a UCI rule to wear the bloody things? George Hincapie on a bike sets an example for every little kid (big and small) in America - WEAR THE HELMET!

Sorry Bobke, put a helmet on that bobble-head of yours.

Cycling Tweet of the Week ...

"do NOT and i mean NEVER tell george hincapie how to ride a bike."

--Bob Roll (@bobkeroll), noon, Monday, Sept. 28. Responding to critics of the veteran Euro pro and current national champ after he posted a pic of himself with his wife and son at a coffee shop. Hincapie was astride his city bike with no helmet. His infant was behind in a seat wearing a pretty slick looking mini Giro.

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