Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Somewhere under the rainbow

Rainbows mean different things to different people - pots of gold, fortune in health, better weather - in Australia the aborigines of many clans believe the rainbow is one of two totemic spirits under which you are born, maybe for Aussie pro cyclist Cadel Evans 2010 under the rainbow jersey will be his attitudinal and personal rebirth.

Honestly, I can't say he is my favorite cyclists, in fact, he is one of my least favorite; every time I see that whiny face I want to heave my GU. On a ride yesterday with a couple of friends I mentioned the Worlds and they didn't even want to talk about it they were so disappointed Evans won; I think that is a fairly universal feeling.

Evans won the Worlds last Sunday by doing the very thing that everyone has so long complained about him lacking - how to attack with intelligence. Watching him over the past few years I could never fault the man from downunder for not giving it his all when he attacked, it's just that his attacks ended up about as pathetic as an attack could be timed, launched, and/or executed. After the inevitable failure they were usually followed by a post-race whining session or tirade.

The other miracle this rainbow might help create is happiness. One can only pray this rainbow casts its spell on Mr. Evan
. He is notorious for being the biggest whiner in the peloton - hell, it's rumor that even many of his own Silence Lotto teammates this year didn't like riding with him; and something was certainly amiss in the Vuelta when he needed team support; maybe he was lucky even to be there, as it was Evans himself that said he was on the chopping block the last day of the Tour de France after a milk toast 30th place - but maybe it was his 'oh woe is me' attitude, when he wasn't berating and assaulting the media.

Somewhere under this new rainbow, earned with an intelligent attack we have not previously seen, maybe the saddest little boy in the peloton will find some happiness in 2010. Maybe next time he wins he will feel enough happiness to salute the fans. Let's pray on the miracle of rainbows.

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