Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three feet closer to the most bike friendly city in America

Yesterday the City of Portland took not one step, but three, getting three feet closer to making cyclists of every ilk safer in the nation's most bike friendly city. And in reality we get five feet and a few tons of metal (parked cars) as an additional barricade to the rush of motorists.

Thanks to Mayor Adams, staff and the folks at Portland Bureau of Transportation, you will undoubtedly receive your share of "fan mail" from city motorists on this one, but stick to it, call on us for support and know that thousands of us now and many tens of thousands in the future applaud you for the effort and foresight.

I won't repeat all the details as Jonathan Maus and staff at BikePortland.org did a wonderful job covering in over on their site:

First look at Portland’s inaugural cycle track

In addition, we are going to need your support to keep the momentum (and courage of city officials) - please write them an email and offer your encouragement!

UPDATE - apparently we need your positive reaction more than we thought:
City reacts to the new cycle track
Please let the mayor's office know bike lanes are a positive:
emailing the Mayor's office

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