Monday, December 7, 2009

Brain Freeze - and other parts

This is Portland for God Sakes! It's not suppose to be this figg'n cold here - especially when the sky is blue and the sunshine is pouring down.

Today the forecasted high is 29 F or something insane. Rode over the weekend with the "the Kids" and descended through 1,100 feet of brain freeze as well as the expected toes, fingers, and rest of my body by the time we rolled through town. If this is going to be the impact of global climate change then my winters will be spent penning this blog from the tropical slopes in Costa Rica - BTW - it was 82 F @ 3,000ft in San Jose over the weekend!!!! Think about it - ride to the west coast and back, get in 5-6,000 vert and do it all in 80 degree sunshine - YES, that's December cycling!

No whining here - it's just frigg'n insane to be out in this stuff.

Speaking of being out in this stuff - Portland was hosting the final round of the USGP Cyclocross Grand Prix at PRI this weekend. Great crowds out to see the boys - and girls - under cold, dry, winter skies on Saturday. So I decided to join the fun with Jenn and a couple visiting friends. Holy cow was it cold standing around there! With wind chill dropping temps in the 20's I was wishing I had my bike and trainer just to pedal in place, burn some calories to stay warm. On a day like that I give it to the winners, Katerina Nash (Luna), who dominated all weekend and Jeremy Powers ( split one with Saturday's winner Todd Wells (Specialized)
, (see the VeloNews final results recap), but really, my heart goes out to the poor sods dragging around last - listen, I appreciate the effort, but there is no Lanterne Rouge, save yourselves, grab some fries, a pint and get warm.

That's what the spectators were doing - at least those that could still control any motor function except involuntary shivering. If my L4 and L5 vertebrae had been more friendly to one another this season I was actually planning on giving cross a go - after this weekend I still think it looks fun - but I'll be heading up the formation of Costa Rica Winter Grand Prix.

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