Thursday, December 10, 2009

Job Search: Designer needed urgently!

RadioShack twitters a "sneak preview" of its red and grey kit for the upcoming 2010 campaign... hmmmm? Reportedly "designed" by the folks at Nike, which makes sense if you are going to be the sponsor, but I'll admit Silence-Lotto may be looking at style infringement rights.

The tweet goes on to say that there "may be some tweeks" before the actual road debuet in the the Santos Tour Down Under in Australia January 17-24. Tweeks? Like a new team name maybe? Like a new design team maybe?

While there have certainly been worse kits - virtually everything worn in the pro peloton during the 80's - the new kit first-stab may be all the reason Armstrong needs to repeat of Italy's Ottavio Bottecchia original 1924 feat of the capturing the maillot jaune and hold it from the beginning until the final crit on the Champs.

BTW - still not sure how you sneak preview anything when you tweet about it yourself?

BTW2 - Armstrong looks damn fit for early December... Alberto, how's holiday going?

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