Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep it simple stupid!

- Charlie Brown, commentary by Snoopy

(If I can quote someone with a sense of aesthetics and style)

Okay - look at those kits (if you can stomach it) - arms up in victory or flying half mast, it doesn't matter, they are butt-ugly! I've seen $19.95 sale jerseys at Performance with more going for them. And what's scary is Greg Henderson (pictured) is a fine sprinter - so that means unless something isn't done fast, we're going to be looking at that design disaster for the next several months.

Listen, Team Sky, think forward.... it's July, the big dance, your man, Wiggo, plodding
sloooooowly up the Tourmalet, and we have to stare at that design road kill? What are you thinking? I'm not even sure you could coax lammergeiers into descending on that.

C'mon guys how frigg'n difficult does this have to be? Over on Cycling Weekly (.com) they ran a little adhoc competition (one that cost Sky and Rupert Murdock absolutely zilch!) and based on the stuff shown in Design A Jersey For Team Sky they got a nice diverse collection of designs. From the article one entry came from Kevin Dakin who said,
"Sometimes, simple is best. A mate of mine once said to me of jersey design, 'can you see it from the helicopter?" And actually his design was nice, simple, and light years better than that Life Aquatica-looking bit the boys are being forced to wear downunder.

Some of the contest designs have a lot going for them and would make nice editions to the peloton - okay, maybe not the giant sun burst in the crotch on design number four.

One of the bits in the contest was that
"We'll also send the best ones on to team boss Dave Brailsford and ask him what he thinks." Bravo, excellent idea, now quit mucking about, SEND THEM NOW!!

And if there are any left overs invite the RadioShack kit designers over for some chips and a pint, show 'em what ya got and for all our sakes, and a plea from the peloton, give them a design!

Seriously, I have a pretty decent vintage jersey collection - frankly, more than anyone has a good reason to own - but looking over the kits from the 80's and how hideous some of them are, I'm now starting to scratch my head and wonder how bad they really were?

Photo copyright Graham Watson Photography

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  1. I like those Sky jerseys. I think you should rant about Radio Shack!

    But come July, that black and blue is gonna be awfully hot. Maybe they'll do a Cervelo and swap to white.