Thursday, April 8, 2010

Borrowed Bike Blogs and Cancer

Just as I was about to start writing I had a change of thought - blog, my blog, has no right or wrong; blogs ARE for writing any ol'crap you like, or sharing someone else's blog crap if you like - it's my blog.

So today's blog, is about sharing someone's blog - her name is Lindsay, she is a cyclist, a damn fine one (and Lindsay, you always will be), she rides for Hammer Velo in Portland, she is pedaling her way through the crappiest race a young woman must - a shitty circuit course called breast cancer. Having been a spectator, a DS, a mechanic, and crew for more than one woman on that race I found Lindsay's blog refreshing and thought, just maybe one of you out there who read this blog might be, or know someone who might be, about to enter that breast cancer race as well - if so, Lindsay's blog might help.

Confessions of a Lapsed Triathlete
Stories about Biking and Why Cancer is a Huge Pain in My Ass

Excerpt from Lindsay's Blog:

"I've hit a mental breaking point, one which led me to think one of the thoughts I had forbidden myself to think for the last 4 weeks:


I am a fucking state champion bicycle racer. I eat vegetables, pay my bills on time, floss my teeth and use my turn signal. What is it about this universe that decided that I needed to be the one that has to be scarred, needs help bathing and getting dressed and can't even get out of bed without pain?

Something tells me that when I die, someone will tell me its because I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000."

Finally, she posted this, something everyone should eventually read:
"Having swallowed my pride, I have compiled the following list. I present, in no particular order,
"Things You Can Do to Help."

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