Monday, April 19, 2010

Ronde Portlandia Style

Last Saturday was not your "classic" Ronde weather, and for those that have braved any or all of the previous three editions of Ronde van oeste Portlandia you know how nasty those little climbs of our west hills can get with 20 degrees less warmth and a 100% more rain. All-n-all it was a grand day out. And despite having a lot of fun photographing and filming the lot of you, I did miss sharing in the few thousand vertical feet of grunting, sweating and complaining with a smile - and of course the IPA re-hydration after wards. And my special apologies to tandem partner John - Stealth was missing all the fun.

PS - great to see the so-call non-climber fairer sex out there in serious numbers - good job ladies!

PSS - and for all of you who decided it was a lovely day to take your bike for a walk... up a hill, celebrate having the legs to do it!

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