Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liftoff to Liege

After a weird and ashy week it looks like the runway is clear for liftoff to Liege - so blogs may post a bit slower for a couple weeks.

Speaking of liftoff - flying the rainbow seems to be exactly what Cadel Evan's career, personality, and life needed. The dude just took a brilliant Flèche Wallonne today in the Belgian Ardennes and looks in great form (as well did the Schlecks) for Sunday's Liege-Bastogne-Liege. From Cadel's post race interview it's clear he is a proud of his new stripe, “To race in the rainbow jersey is an honor and to win is even better. I’ve been second before, so to finally win is great,”“I feel liberated with the rainbow jersey. It’s a special honor to ride with the rainbow jersey on my shoulders and the goal this season is to honor the rainbow jersey.”

You can see the last K up the Muur de Huy here.

I'm psyched about seeing L-B-L live, racing around the course like a crazy Wallonner, and getting to interview a handful of the riders about their Lanterne Rouge thoughts - including 1999 winner Jacky Durand. After months of research my brain is about to burst - need to do a brain-drive-dump and take in some new thoughts on the book and telling of the story. L-B-L is a great place to connect with most of the Tour guys, teams, and support staff there.

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