Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elkhorn finals - and thanks to all of you!

Finals are in - I climbed to 20th at 7:03 back on GC - so the lung-sucking, leg-hammering climb up Dooley Mountain, finishing 10th, helped me grab my dangling cycling carrot - top 20 at Elkhorn. Many thanks are owed - to Jenn, my dedicated "crew" endless thanks for putting up with my craziness! And to friend and teammate Scott Powell - congrats on your 13th and all your wisdom and ecouragement - next year we get them!! And to "the Kids" back in Portland who were "supportive" in all your individual ways :")) And to so many old and new friends that made this weekend FUN, and the passion of racing my bike all I imagined.

Full race results

Photo Gallery

PS - you thought this was over? NOT - just registered for Cascade Cycling Classic :"))

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