Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Lawyer Lunch Ride

Yikes, 12:22, damn I'm late - out the door, fly down Greely and over the Broadway bridge up Lovejoy - short-cut, I've totally missed the noon start at Pioneer Square!!

Racing through the Pearl/Northwest there's no sign of them - I'm WAY behind. Jump on the draft of a passing Porche Cayenne Turbo and downshift for all the "turbo" these legs have left after six straight days on the bike. Up Lovejoy and around the first tunnel (the Porche dropped me two-blocks ago - funny how they hate cyclists on their wheel :"), then came the second tunnel and there it was - the first droppee - just as I passed him there was the second appeared and then past the Audubon Center approaching the right turn up NW 53rd (not today) I could see them - whew - the chase was paying off - hellava way to warm up legs that thought they were going to get a day off.

I opted for Thompson since I was behind and soon latched onto the group - out came the camera (see the accompanying slide show or portfolio) - click - there was Richard - click and then ride leader Ray - and more - "where did all these people come from?" "you make 60" said either Richard or Ray. Sixty!! Ya, apparently the Oregonian artcile two weeks ago by David Stabler change our little (15-25 normally) lunch ride into a cycling celebrity.

Although today was a bit crowded it was fun - if you're interested in coming out check out the article link from the Oregonian above for details (and 2-things - stay on our side of the yellow line and WEAR a helmet!) - and better to get to Pioneer Square by noon - there isn't always a porche's wheel in NW to follow :")

Photo Gallery

The legs felt great today afterall - although they are definitely getting Friday off before a tandem ride on Saturday. A little tandem time with Jenn before the NW Tandem Rally in Victoria weekend of the 4th.

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