Thursday, June 18, 2009

Night-Before Nervous Jitters

Baker City hasn't seen this many shaved male legs since... oh, last year about this time - that is unless a lot of pickup driving cowboys are hiding something under those Wranglers (hell, Brokeback Mountain had to start somewhere). The place is crawling with minivans, bike racks and aerobars - and one can only wonder at what locals think, even in this 8th year. There are a few well established hangouts and Jenn and I found one of the prime spots - Barley Brown's Brew Pub. With a choice from nachos to burgers to eggplant Parmesan, with loads of linguini on the side, its definitely a cyclists eatery - oh, and they have their own half dozen brews as well. They have one IPA at 9.8% - I'll save it for Sunday night after Stage 4 to wash away the climbing pain.

I'm really psyched about this race - partially because of the course - its incredibly gorgeous here. It's just not that often you are going to pack up the ride and head 5 hours east from all we have in Portland to wander these back roads, but the race is a great excuse. Driving in late afternoon really made me want to jump on the bike and ride - seems I'm not alone. Race check-in was 6-9 tonight and seems half the riders road to the Baker City High School - jitters, you could feel the legs wanting to spin. In front of Barley Brown's riders cruising up and down mainstreet on every two-wheeled race configuration imaginable. And for those who had spun enough to put the jitters to bed - they were lining up for a table at Barley Brown's. Those jitters will all work themselves out on the road for 72.9 miles and 6,515 vert tomorrow.

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  1. Gerry,

    We'll be pulling for you all weekend. We'll be birding at Nisqually but will have some sympathy leg pain for you. Watch out for that third IPA Sunday night.

    You'll be great and all the best from Seattle.

    David and Seattle