Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Stay out of the wind and then climb for your life."

Okay, sage advice. Now do I have the legs?

Off for the Elkhorn Classic Stage (four of them) race tomorrow morning. Excited, because this is what I targeted many months ago, but also because it would be great to put to work all I have been learning in this first year of racing - like how to definitely keep my nose outta-the-wind and still make the break when the right selection hits the gas. That was the year's goal - learn, learn, more learning - then see what I can do with it next year. The learning has definitely been a curve upwards - life IN the peloton is a little different than sitting there WATCHING the peloton and second guessing Paul and Phil. Thanks to Scott Powell and Hilary Billington (Team Lip Smackers) and all you have shared with me this season! To the "Kids" I'll try and do US proud (if not, you can find me up the road in the Terminal Gravity Brew Pub at Enterprise :").

I'll drop a note here each night on how the day went and how the legs and head feel. Oh, and a few photos as well - especially from the Kiddies Crit on Saturday. Look for more photos and other bit of cycling flotsam on my site - Bicycling Northwest.

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