Friday, June 19, 2009

Saran wrap.... Please!

A year ago - 90+ degree temps, riders falling over with dehydration.
Dawn today - 50ish and rain, and rain, puddles of rain.

The last thing I expected was to be running around Baker City trying to find a saran wrap - something to defend against what was shaping up to be rainy, wet, chilly and... soakingly wet.

We gave the 1-2s a half hour, the 3s 10mins and then a full field of 75 Masters rolled out for our turn at the wet roads. The first miles were pretty civil, in fact until the first feed station at mile 23 one might even say pedestrian. Then BLAMO! The rain unloaded on the downslope from the feed station and so did the speed - game on! The next 25 miles were scenic - I think - staring at the rear wheel in front of me I can only swear it was wet, really stink'n wet! But I can also swear that I was smiling a lot, I was racing and for the first time this season I was actually racing in the front and in a position to do something. It was like all those Saturdays climbing to Skyline so hard my lungs wear screaming - yes, it was finally paying off. And those other races, the ones I got dropped and worked my arse off to get back on a wheel, just to know the pain it takes - it was finally paying off!! Results haven't yet been posted - but somewhere in the front third - progress.

Tommorow? It rained through dinner tonight - Main Street is the location for tomorrow's crit - hmmmm?
I hate crits even in the best of weather.

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