Saturday, June 20, 2009

TT - 11.3 miles of personal hurt - damn I love racing my bike!

After waiting most of the night for Stage 1 results - as much to see how long I could sleep in before prepping for the TT - today the results were blowing in as fast as the headwind on the return route back to the finish. Unfortunately the wind didn't deliver my best results.

Only my second TT, ever, but not my best effort. 25.41 for the 11.3 miles - just under 22.5 mph - not horrible, but enough to drop me another 2 spots down on GC. I'm learning very quickly that as silly as it might seem it's time to add and aero helmet and rear disc wheel to the growing assembly of cyclo pieces and parts - better clear more space in the garage when I get home.

Just over two hours before the crit - oh yeah! My favorite. At least it looks like we will have dry streets, that are wide and road-furniture free. For me its all about clinging to the rear of a wild tiger's tail and staying upright. Upright gives me another day and a shot at sneaking into the top 20 on GC with a good climb up the terminal 8 miles to the summit of Dooley Mt.

For those of you following this - I'm in 24th place at 6:36 on GC - definitely a chance to climb up tomorrow - if I can climb :")

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